E.A.T. E-Go Tonearm

E.A.T. E-Go Tonearm

posted: Nov 30, 2012 12:00:00

From the outset, E.A.T. has ensured that its turntables can accept a wide range of tonearms. With the E-Flat, however, the designers reaffirmed the long-held belief that a turntable/arm combination designed to work together can eliminate a host of matching problems, while ensuring superior performance. To increase the choice of available tonearms, and to add to its catalogue one of the finest cartridge-carrying devices available, E.A.T. has joined forces with tonearm wizard Bob Graham to develop the E-Go, short for "EuroAudioTeam – Graham Original".

Learn more about the new E.A.T. E-Go Tonearm.

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